Online Payroll

Accurate Data’s browser-based payroll interface is intuitive and easy-to-use, bringing you the flexibility and convenience of real-time visibility and processing. Payroll administration is vastly simplified — saving you time, effort and money.

Clients may choose to take control over the payroll process from start to finish, may simply want access to the real-time data on the web system. Either way, you decide on your level of involvement in the payroll process, depending on your needs and your schedule.

At Accurate Data, online payroll is not the same as self-service payroll. Even when using our fully automated system, our clients process 100% of their payroll about 80% of the time, because Accurate Data is always there to handle any problems or non-standard situations. Product support is only a click of your mouse or a phone call away. As your payroll partner, Accurate Data will never leave you on your own.

    Features and Benefits

  • Live, on-screen support
  • Customized reports on demand
  • Quick set up and maintenance of deductions/earnings
  • Instant view of comprehensive earnings histories
  • Pre-load regular or OT hours for individual employees
  • Pre-load similar pay categories for multiple employees
  • Simple direct deposit set up or changes
  • Multi-pay cycle automation