Image of two young business partners using laptop at meetingThe service and support that Accurate Data offers our clients is unique in the industry. When you pick up the phone to call us for assistance, you are not routed to a remote service center. You speak directly with an Accurate Data employee in our local office, who will address your problem immediately, whether you are working with our online product or our traditional payroll services. If you make a payroll error, or are puzzled by how to set up a child support order or garnishment, we don’t give you instructions — we simply take care of it for you. We can step in at any time to fix a problem or finish a payroll.

Utilizing technology to bring unique levels of support to our online clients, Accurate Data redefines self-service payroll.

Online payroll systems give users direct access to all of their payroll information and the ability to enter their own payroll data. Giving clients greater control over the payroll process does not automatically turn them into payroll experts, however. Our clients know that we are the experts, and that they can rely on us for all the help and support they need. Accurate Data enhances our online experience with our unique set of support options, including:

  • Detailed help information on every screen, accessed by clicking on the icon.
  • Waypoint markers and identifiers on every screen, accessed by clicking on the Accurate Data logo, allowing our employees to see your specific screen location.
  • Go To Assist screen sharing application, allowing Accurate Data employees to log directly onto your computer to work alongside you.

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